The fast way to enjoy your meal in a restaurant

The feature of dine-in permits the customer to avoid waiting and standing in the queues and enjoy their meal without any inconvenience.

The Uber Eats introduced a new feature that permits the user of the app to place their favourite order and have it comfortably in the restaurant. As a replacement to take-out and delivery services, the brand new utility is very interesting especially for those who love to have on-site experience but by avoiding big queues. They can easily order the food in advance and can enjoy in the restaurant itself without the wait for the food preparation and also by avoiding the queues. The main functionality of this app is dine-in.

The feature was tested by a reputed mobile app development company which reports that currently, it is available for some cities like Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, San Diego etc. An Uber spokes person also delivered that – we are always thinking to provide a mind-blowing experience to improve the Eats experience of our users.

The service provided by the Uber Eats does not charge even a penny. The users just have to only pay the bill of the restaurant. It also allows customers to leave tips for the staff. Well, there may be some menu items which may differentiate between the physical menu and the app.

In order to use this service, the users must plan and schedule the time on which they want to enjoy their meal. Then, they must place an order with the help of the menu of the app. The order process is just like the same format of the delivery. Finally, they just have to reach the restaurant and enjoy their meal. Once the customer reaches the restaurant, the chosen dish will be ready to be served.

An obvious unification with Uber- where the user would enjoy a feature where an app driver will take the user to the restaurant is yet not available. Well, the company says that it is a good idea, but this feature is still not developed.

How does it work?

  • Make registration on the app by providing your contact number, email address, or any social media platform.
  • Select the food and restaurant of your choice
  • Confirm the service
  • Enjoy a delicious and healthy meal
  • Make payment by using your credit card, debit card, wallet or cash. Wallets are easy to recharge with the credit cards.
  • Feedbacks and reviews are very important for every company to improve its services. So, provide your genuine feedbacks and reviews to the company.

With the new unbeatable feature, Uber Eats turns out a giant competitor not only for the delivery apps but also of different restaurant reservation services. As in every company operations, the users can expect great discounts and offers, until the company achieves leadership in this new market.

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